e85_images1Cruizers is pleased to carry E85 an ethanol fuel blend designed for flexible-fuel vehicles (FFV) that reduces tailpipe emissions and improves engine performance. E85 brings us one step closer to a more sustainable world that doesn’t depend on only one type of fuel. If you are reading this, chances are you own a FlexFuel vehicle or are considering purchasing one. Cruizers wants to thank you and tell you a bit more about our E85 fuel.

Make Everyday Earth Day…….and Fuel with Renewables!

Cruizers has partnered with Clean Air groups, the Department of Energy, Corn Growers Associations, State Energy and Agriculture Offices, and Clean Cities Coalitions across the region to provide renewable fuel availability to you.

Air and the Environment

E85 is the most environmentally friendly alternative fuel for FlexFuel vehicles. Ethanol reduces greenhousegas emissions by as much as 59% relative to gasoline. It’s biodegradable and water-soluble and keeps harmful chemicals like MTBE and benzene out of our air. Plus, because it’s grown and made right here in America, it reduces high environmental costs of shipping foreign oil. Less oil tankers traveling the oceans means less oil spills destroying our planet.

American Jobs and Economic Prosperity

No more shipping our wealth across seas since ethanol used to fuel your car comes from plants. Plants grown right here at home like corn and other organic resources. As more Americans turn to E85 as a fuel choice, more American jobs are being created and saved. We’re revitalizing the American agriculture economy to help us break the chains of oil addiction and ensure lasting supply of fuel for the future.

Energy Security

Renewable. Clearly we’re not talking about petroleum based fuels. Since ethanol fuels like E85 and E30 come from plants, we can ensure an endless supply securing our energy needs into the future. As production processes for ethanol made from algae and waste products improve, Americans can enjoy a steady supply of ethanol fuels, reducing or eliminating the price spikes we see at the pump today.

Remember, only FlexFuel vehicles can run on E85!


E85 is available at Cruizers Durham-Sedgewick Rd. (#20) and Cruizers Pittsboro-Powell Place (#46).

Click here for an interactive map to find these locations.